Moved by design, color and the endless possibilities they present, I knew from very early on I wanted to be in a creative field.


I was living in Paris after college and had started working in the fashion industry. During this time abroad, I often found myself in the jewelry wings of museums, sketching ideas of pieces I wanted to make for myself at cafes and soon enough the idea of Luna Rossa was roaming around in my head. But before jumping in entirely, I wanted to experience proper training and really delve into the subject.

I went on to study Jewelry Design & Technology at GIA New York where I learned and mastered Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Computer- Aided Manufacturing (CAM). During my time there, the sketches I had accumulated began to move from paper to tangible form, transforming into real physical pieces that I started selling to friends and family.

I fell in love with the history of jewelry, the creation process and precious stones, so I continued my studies at GIA by enrolling in Diamonds and Diamond Grading, as well as taking weekend classes at New York Jewelry Design Institute.

And although fine jewelry houses are historically generational handovers, I was determined to see my vision of a modern, approachable jewelry boutique through and make my formal debut into the jewelry world.